Exercising is a wonderful way to keep in shape. There are very many ways to exercise. You can go to the gym,watch a video,etc. I myself go to a gym. The gym’s name is the Niac. If you are interested, I will post a link to it at the end of this blog post! Anyways when you are exercising, their are many different techniques. Such as Bench Press, Running,Squats,Push ups,Dead lift,Pull ups,etc. If you ever wonder what you should try, you should just try all of them. Now don’t go heavier than you can handle,or you very well might hurt yourself! The exercise I go to most often is pull ups. I have been doing pull ups since 2nd grade,now I am in 7th Grade. I did break my old school’s record,from 27 to 45. In order for you to get stronger,faster,and more mobile,I advise you start when you are young. If you have not started and you are not very young, you should start now! Here is the link! http://www.niathletic.com/


-MIcah Smith


A Couple Woodworking Projects!


I have recently made a couple projects! These projects are made out of wood. I made them in my Grandpa’s  shop. One of the projects I made e is a Bracelet Holder! The bracelets held on this holder is made by a company named www.freedoutfitters.com/. You should come check it out some time they are really cool! This is a wonderful design to hold most of your bracelets.

One other project I made is a wine rack!  This wine rack took me about a week to make. I think this is a great way to hold your wine! I got the design from a book called “Woodworking Projects 21”. It is a simple design,but sturdy!  

Wine Rack

-Micah Smith


Now most kids think because they are kids they can sit on there butts all day (aside from going to school). This concept is what you call LAZY. In fact being a kid or a teenager means you have one of the most precious thing in the world,Time! Time can be manipulated many different ways. It can be used with means or with no means. Now you’re probably asking yourself what does means or with no means mean? I will tell you. Using time with no means, means just playing video games or sleeping all day. Now using time With means, means going out in the world and being entrepreneur! There is nothing wrong with having some fun,like going to play Bball with your friends,or watching a movie here and there, but you should at least do some kind of activity that makes you feel accomplished.  An activity that makes me feel accomplished is reading different kinds of magazines. Not the Garfield magazines or the Game Informer magazines, the woodworking magazines,or the how to build_____ magazines.Sometimes even these things can make you not feel accomplished. Most of the time going outside and building something,or taking a jog makes you feel accomplished. There are so many things that can make you feel good about yourself, but that I can’t figure out for you only you can. So from here on out read a book, or take your dog for a walk, make good use of the time God has given you!


-Micah Smith

Does Someone Need a Hug!

Sometimes you feel down and sad. Sometimes you don’t know what to do with yourself. Well here is a tip of the day to cheer you up! Figure out your hobby. Now with everyone there hobbies are different. Some are reading,coloring skiing,running,etc. Needless to say a couple month ago I didn’t know my hobby. It wasn’t reading coloring or anything I just listed. Well recently I found my hobby! Woodworking. Woodworking is a very fun activity,. It is cool because if you have an idea you can just cut it out. Well today if you are sad,lonesome,gloomy, I advise finding your hobby as soon as possible, or if you already have a hobby than What Are You Doing Here! Go pursue your hobby and have some fun!


-Micah Smith  


Skateboarding is a really fun activity! Generally If you want to pursue Skateboarding you start practicing at a skate park. There are very many different skate boards in the world. The most common are Long boards, Penny Boards, and just plain Skate Boards. Long board are generally used for speed. So if you want to get somewhere fast you typically won’t pick up a skate board. Skateboards are more used for tricks like ollies etc. A Penny Board is what I first practiced on. I am pretty good at it but not the best. Penny Boards are a mixture of a long board and a skateboard. They are meant to do tricks and catch speed. When you are riding any type of board you need to make sure you are wearing a helmet. If you happen to fall without a helmet 60% of the time you bash your head on the ground, I know this from experience. In fact once I was on my bike and I got hit by a car, thankfully I was wearing a helmet. Anyways I think skateboarding is a wonderful activity!      


-Micah Smith   

The World God Has Given Us

Nature is a wonderful thing God created! There is so much in the world it blows my mind. Nature can be beautiful,harmful,and dreadful. The world is full of wonderful and outstanding things! Have you ever just wanted to go out in the world and explore! I definitely have! There is so much we have not yet discovered in the world, and in fact I think every time we discover something new God looks down at us and is proud! I mean think about it 100 years ago we didn’t even have the idea of say a phone or a computer. Can you imagine what it would be like living back then! Or think about it this way, say 100 years ago we did have smart phones and computers, and power tools, that would probably mean that today we would have a cure for color blindness,and we would all live in a Virtual Reality World! To me that sounds really sad, except for the Color Blindness part. Just once today,  look around  at the wonderful blessings God has poured on us! If you are thinking right now, that you are poor and can’t afford a phone, be thankful for what you do have like a Roof over your head, or a Warm bed at night. I catch myself wanting all this worldly  stuff, when really all I have to do is look around me and be content. The point I am trying to get at here is to be thankful for what you have, not complaining at what you don’t have. 

-Micah Smith


Running is a wonderful sport! It is a helpful and vital aspect of your life. If you do not run I advise you try it. The more you sit down and don’t exercise the harder it becomes to start running. I first started running track when I was in  6th grade. I didn’t expect it to be fun but it was! I ran the 400m, 200m, and the 100m. I did set records for 6th grade but sadly they only record records 7th and up. You typically want nice running shoes if you want to pursue running. You should practice every day except for Sat. and Sunday. Track is generally for sprinters, but can be for long distance. Now I also ran Cross Country for  a while, and that is a totally new aspect of running. One important thing is that you need to pace yourself in order for you to sprint at the end of  the race. You also need much different shoes for Cross Country. As I said before, running is a vital part of your life and even though you may not injoy it at first your body will get used to it!

The Ron Paul Curriculum

This is a wonderful curriculum! It is 98% self taught and has 2% parental involvement. It has extra curricular classes that you can take such as, ABC, Personal Finance Course, and two Business classes. I myself just started Homeschooling and I think it is wonderful. You can go at your own pace and that is why I think think this curriculum is great. There are also these things called Forums! They are used to ask questions or to answer questions. Some people use it to debate. I use use it to post my assignments, which is also another way to use the forums. The grades this curriculum provides is K – 12th. The main classes are Science,Math,History,and Grammar! They are all wonderful classes and I think more people should do this Curriculum. It is cheaper than most Private Schools, but it still gives the same material as a Private School. How it works is the teacher’s video the lesson and then put it on the Curriculum. Then you watch the video and then do the lesson or assignment. The founder is Ron Paul. If you do not know who this is, he ran for President recently in 2013. He has run some other times but has lost every time. In my opinion I think he knew he wasn’t going to win, but he wanted to make a stand to this corrupt world we live in. Ron Paul is someone I admire and I think he made good choice making this Curriculum.

  • Micah Smith